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A Taste of Honey...May Be More Than You Bargained For... Check out Gamal Hennessy's Debut Novel!

A Taste of Honey: 
A Novel of Crime and Passion  
By Gamal Hennessy

I don't know about you, but I have trouble with an erotic novel that doesn't have a great background story. So I was very pleased and excited to read A Taste of Honey! If you like it sexy, you're going to find it here... If you like crime stories, like I've also got a good story here! But, if you have sex and crime in one book, more than likely it's also going to get gory, with some parts difficult to absorb... You are thus warned...

It seemed only appropriate for our two lead female characters to be the Honey that many of you will know...right?

An important definition begins the book: Honey Trap: a strategy where an attractive person coerces another person into doing or revealing something...

I wonder why they many times use females for this role...yes, they might succeed, but they are being placed in sometimes very dangerous situations... Hopefully, the women have been taught much and have the skills and knowledge to act on her own, but sometimes...

Nikki hated fucking men like Gregori
Yvenko. His hands were like sandpaper
on her skin. His breath was rotten from
cigarettes and garlic when he kissed her,
and he was the exact opposite of Chris.
Whenever she had to suffer through an
evening with Gregori, the memories of
Chris on top of her kept her sane.
She did this for him...
Nikki was a member of an organization using female operatives to seduce men--or women--to share information. Nikki had been seduced herself by Chris, introduced to the pleasures of love and how she could use it to entice others to reach out to her. It wasn't surprising she fell in love with Chris... That was her first mistake...

Her second mistake, in my opinion, was staying with an organization, just because she was "in love" with the leader, while the rest of the crew, especially one, Simon, made it quite difficult for her to do what she was asked to do, while her supposed backup made crude remarks during the entire operation. Chris would just tell them to keep their personal concerns to themselves... Yeah, right, you know how that went, don't you? I couldn't find anybody that I was willing to put in for Simon, so chose an image of him... You'll know why when you read the story. All I can say if that he is mean...and hates women...
'nuf said...

I loved the curve that Hennessy threw in when Nikki flew to Argentina. Nikki had been told that they were going on a vacation. She was to fly down and Chris would get there as soon as he could after he got everything arranged to be gone awhile...
The Astor Piazzola International Airport in Mar Del Plata proved to be even easier than Grantley Adams. Her halting Spanish was weak compared to the customs agent's formal English, but a warm smile here and a suggestivw look there made extensive verbal translation unnecessary. She breezed out of the airport and into the salty Argentine air faster than any grocery checkout line in New York.
She ran like a woman on stilts toward a bright red cab and climbed in headfirst like a child. Her own voice seemed more eager and shrill when she told the driver where she wanted to go. What was she doing? Where was all this excite3ment coming from? This was her first time in Argentina, but it wasn't her first trip abroad. Chris had taken her to Mexico and South America several times over the past few years oince she was "part of the team." Was it her desire to see Chris? She was certainly hungry for him, but she knew she would see him today. She didn't even know if he was in town. Protocol demanded that they establish cover first. It didn't matter that this was a vacation and not an operation. It didn't matter what her libido might need either. She slumped back into the seat of the cab. The excitement would have to wait a little while longer...again.
She spent five days alone with her excitement in Mar Del Plata. She walked the streets as a tourist during the day: window shopping, sightseeing, and pretending to take pictures. It was an excellent way to learn the layout of the city, plan potential escape routes, and detect possible surveillance. She spent her evenings in the local restaurants and bars, charming her way into mixed groups of men and women to avoid the predators that might prey on an isolated female. This gave her a chance to absorb the mood of the people and adapt to the pace of the city. She spent her nights alone...

When Chris arrived one day while Nikki was out, he had the room romantically set up with dim lighting, music...

Nikki walked through his door and slipped into another world. The scent of warm lavender floating in the air, mixing with the salted reeze coming through the open balcony doors to create an aroma that reminded her of wine. And not just any wine. It was a specifi sensory memory of a strong red wine that he licked from the palm of her hand early in their affair. Her first step into the room brought a tickle on her skin as memories of those nights came back to her.

There was only one light on in a corner of the large plush suite. the dim flicker and the moon from the open window danced shadows across the room and made the size of the space hard to define. Christ loved to take her in the half-light. The sensation of feeling him, while not being able to see him, haunted her with dark fantasies when she was alone. The way he touched her and the way he moved could spark the illusion of loving two men at the same time. Her breath was heavy and heated by the time she made her second step into the room...By the time Nikki took her third step into chris's room, she waded in her own arousal. Without a word, she dropped her purse, took his hand, and allowed herself to be led to the balcony.
There was another squeeze before he turned her away
from the bay and toward the center of the city. "Did you
get a chance to visit the marina..."Okay, why don't we
take a tour...
"I'm afraid we don't have time, honey. We have a window
of opportunity coming up and I need you to be up to
His words sucked the air out of her lungs. "What?"
What do you need me to be up to speed for? We're
on vacation, right?
Chris devoured Nikki on a lounge chair overlooking the darkened ocean. She became his puppet when his mouth dropped between her legs. As the slow circles of his tongue messaged her tip, she sang in low moans that he controlled more than she did. When his fingers curled up to stroke her inner softness, she shuddered and squirmed at this command. She had no control of the way her body responded, and she had no desire to take control. When his hand and mouth engulfed her together, she lost her sense of time and place. She lost her sense of self. Everything fell away. ...Only pleasure was left, and Nikki surrendered to it...

And that's when I began to reallllly hate him!

Chris had never intended a vacation. He had another job to do and Nikki would be right in the middle of it...and had never been told!

And then he saw her.The first thing he noticed
was her movement. She had a feline
sensuality that turned heads as she moved
through the crowd...
Target: Cruz Maritime, third largest shipping concern in Argentina...They had dozens of ships moving between Europe and South America... Her job was to seduce the head of the company and obtain shipping information supporting illegal activities... Of course, Nikki was much so that soon Chris was giving her a background story where Chris could lose his life or never be able to go back home if they didn't handle this job... And she gave in...

It was never hard for Nikki to move easily into a crowd of people and immediately get noticed. She knew when
she had caught Manuel's attention...

And the game was on... Nikki and Manuel quickly established
A Taste of Honey (album)
 their desire for each other and soon Manuel was taking her to his yacht, barely making it on board when he pulled her down, removing her clothes...Nikki began to help when she noticed...Dominique, Manuel's wife, watching... Afraid at first, soon, Nikki turned to watcher her as he was watching them... Soon a small smile began and Dominique moved out from the shadows...

Hennessy has done an excellent job in writing the parts for his characters... I was intensely hating the bad guys, feeling a little sorry for Manuel who had inherited the shipping company and had never had any real interest in it... but I still didn't all...what was to come! This is a very cool book, even though there are violent scenes that, unfortunately, do fit well with the bad guys that have been didn't take long to realize what they would be willing to do!

Apparently, the author might have published portions of his book along the way, but the novel includes the entire story and even goes back to before the present story and gives readers information on how Manuel and his wife, Dominique, met...a very nice extra bonus! I'm assuming he was getting some good feedback on his shorts, but, still, I'll wager that nobody will be prepared for the climatic actions ending the story! Let me know if you guessed any of it! 'Cause I sure didn't!

Highly recommended if this sounds like a book you'd enjoy...just remember, I did warn you about a couple of things...but actually the violence bothered me, while the sexuality and the characters involved were very well done and fit perfectly within the overall story. Well done for a debut novel!


One of my all-time favorites so had to include!

Gamal Hennessy is an author from New York City. His fiction blends elements of the Usual Suspects and Jason Bourne to create a unique type of adult crime fiction.
His literary inspirations include John Le Carre, Barry Eisler and Anais Nin. His first anthology, Smooth Operator: The Life and Crimes of Warren Baker reached number three on the Amazon's list of new spy fiction. His first novel, A Taste of Honey, was released in May of 2014. His next anthology, The Dark End of the Street will be released in the fall of 2014 and the sequel to Taste will be published in early 2015.


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