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Do You Have God Incidents? - Gabbie - A Part of "ME" - Shout Out to All Staff on 7 NE WVU Hospital Bone and Joint Unit!


It didn't start with Matthew... But I keep coming back to the beginning of my realization of what was happening...

God Incident, to me, means a bit of magic when you realize that a coincident...just...might...have...been...arranged...

MATTHEW was the first of many wonderful staff support helpers in the Bone and Joint Unit of the hospital where I had surgery...just a few days ago...

Matthew was also the only individual who I had the wonderful opportunity to see twice during my stay. Many or most, I don't know, staff are on 12 hour shifts. What that means for the patient is that somebody new is coming in every day and night to help you through all of the personal issues that know, like, helping to get you to the bathroom, checking basic vitals, pricking each and every finger, with, yes, my getting the choice of choosing "finger of the day (or night)! More on the Unit as a whole sometime soon.

My memory of meeting Matthew:

Matthew: Hi, I'm Matthew, I'm here to help

Me: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John...

Tracey (daughter of my Heart) I Knew You were going to do that.

Matthew: And did you know that in Hebrew Matthew means Gift of God.

Me: Immediately began to sing La, la

Me: Can you tell me what the words are... I Love the Song (and now share the words with all of you!) Awake with a Happy Heart!

Matthew: Well, I don't know, I'm not Jewish, my parents and I are Catholic. They looked up what the name meant in Hebrew when they were thinking what name I would have...

Me: Ah, jumped to a conclusion...

Matthew: Laughing, and does it help that my girlfriend is Methodist?

God Had Used Matthew as His Messenger

God was

My one and only prayer was that God would send the people who I needed to meet, at the Exact Time I Needed to Meet Them...

And I'd Just Been Zapped!

What Some People Might Say is a Coincident

God adds a Zap to Know He's Arranged It!
It is not a Coincident

It is a

God Incident!

By the Way, I didn't zap that phrase... Many years ago, I was working with a small publisher who had written a book about losing her beloved in death. Afterward, little Zaps began, like her finding a Nickle which had some significance between the two... She coined the phrase in her book, which, while reading, proofreading and more...I just can't remember details, other than she lived in Canada... But reading her book, I knew what it could be like to be Zapped! I am so thankful that I worked on that book and to be able to share what she undoubtedly felt when she realized, God does Indeed...Watch and Listen...

You Know Folks, I had so many zaps during those short few days... that I didn't really realize what was going on... So I hope to share pieces with you, just as I was being...Zapped! And, Matthew, if you're reading this post...You'll Be Back...

I've been waking up every few hours or during the day getting up to move, just as Dr. Murphy and others have given guidance to ensure a long-term result to my hip replacement surgery. It's 2 AM... I think I'll go out and have a cup of tea...

By the way, since I've adopted his phrase, "You Know Folks," I downloaded one of his books...figured I'd get to know a little more about who I consider to be the only man able to bring us through the chaos we are experiencing... I'll talk about it later at Book Readers Heaven... but it might be awhile...Just Got to Tell You About another God Incident soon... I'm So Excited; Just Can't Hide It!


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