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The Doppler Affect by Shawn Phillips --BRH Meets Fantasci Devotee Sharing How Dopplers will Effect Change...

The Species
Natural Form
Is this a human doppelganger or... or
did she???
If you've heard the word doppelganger and checked it out on the Internet, you would be surprised how much information can be found. A lot of it, like the pic to the left is about two humans who very much look alike...some have even compared humans to animals and other "things." But in the scifi area, you will find that some people actually believe that they are a separate species, that just happens to look like humans... Well, that's partly true, but actually I was able to find at least one source, D&D Wiki, who reveals the actual form.
Doppelgangers are also known as shapeshifters, thus they are able to change their form to look like human beings... Beware... The author, a true fantasci devotee has tediously documented what happened when Doppelgangers decided to relocate to America, take advantage of available technology and move to take over the world. Thankfully, there are also specially-gifted humans (Think Ghost Whisperer...Plus!) who are able to toss back some things when doppelgangers decide to strike...

The Doppler Affect:

a paranormal adult fiction novel

By Shawn Phillips

Now there's one scary part I decided to share with potential readers... Men are in more danger than women. Just suppose, for instance, that a female Doppler made out with a human? What would happen???! And even vampires, werewolves and lycanthropes are susceptible and become slaves for their use... as inferior offspring of their dopplers!
Chris belted out the chorus to Blaze of Flory as he wound his Mercedes up the wooded mountain road. He tore by the sign for Truckee, California, catching that the population was around 3000. He wasn't that far from Reno now, and was starting to feel the rush with the thought of letting it role on the craps tables...A business conference. He chuckled, knowing that he only needed to sign in and attend the morning sessions. After that, the rest of the time was all his.
"I'm going down, in a blaze of glory!" he screamed, completely out of tune, as he picked up even more speed...

When he disappeared,
the maid parked the cart to
his door...She...bent down to
grab the metal canister and
with her right hand, stopped,
and chuckled as she pulled
out the used tissue.,,,She
brought it up to her nose and
sniffed, and then let her tongue
slowly slide out of her mouth
until the tip touched a moist
spot. She let the flavor invade
her mouth and the scent
 overwhelm her nostrils.
Satisfied, she stood over the
toilet, hiked up her classic
black and white maid's skirt...
As she sat on the toilet seat,
she look the tissue and placed
it between her legs, pushing
it slightly inside her as
unnatural muscles and thin
tendrils captured and guided
the semen deep inside her...
to a different type of
reproductive system...
Antoinette looked at her lead in the first row, hesitated for
dramatic effect, then replied as a shrewd smile crossed the
sharp features of her face. "The banker is ours."
Christopher Michael Sands and Michael Christoper Sands are the two lead male characters who find themselves involved with the Dopplers. Christopher was an investment counselor and had been attending a conference. After it was over and he was ready to relax, a brunette approached him, offering to assist. But he was very much in love with his wife and hoped to at least talk with her  that night before he left. When Antoinette failed her first contact, she moved on to her second, but less satisfying choice... quickly changing her appearance and heading for his hotel room. She was lucky to hear him on the phone, having phone sex--perfect!

Within the Doppelgangers is a strict hierarchical order, with the Prima Maestra, of course,  as the female leader. Two assist her at her discretion. And, in fact, the doppel who had taken the Banker was soon...out... well, you can find out where later since they don't normally die... The Maestra makes all decisions, one of which was to limit the number of female doppelgangers. But one of the concerns has been the Human Genome Project which would be devastating for their race since it would be easily discernible their DNA was not human...

Soooo, Antoinette, as Chris, goes to his office and, shall we say, makes a large withdrawal, killing a guard who realizes what's happening... There is no way to prove he didn't do it, even though Chris is fairly certain he didn't. He cannot go up against a tape of him there while the robbery takes place... Although later he does, it's already too late... He is killed in a prison riot...

Thing is, the way the forensics people see the horrific scene, they think the much smaller man killed everybody before somebody must have attacked him from the back... This is a hint of Chris' gift...but what is it and what actually happened?!

So, we have a Prima Maestro, who enjoys a toy she's created so that she can make love to herself...A lovely Prima who is one of the top three doppels who has fallen in love with a male Doppel, which is illegal... Antoinette who had a daughter who was never allowed to be a doppelganger and who falls in love with her human boss with her mother's blessing... and who later both are around for the climatic ending... and a tech expert who keeps busy in her lab handling projects assigned by the Prima Maestro...and some she's brought about on her own initiative...

Soon Chris' son becomes involved. The former warden, who had received financial guidance from Chris during his imprisonment had finally decided to use his advice and quickly got rich...And, as he promised his father, he had helped Chris's son with his college expenses. Until Chris tracks him down... 

Chris is now the target for the dopplers--they want his body so that they can claim his gift... 

Fortunately, Chris also meets one of the wood nymphs who were brought into the States... and well...gets together...

And...this guy...Osama...who nobody ever sees until Michael needs help...Heck, Michael has even got the forest trees helping, prepare for great battles, chases like you've never imagined, and Fantasci creatures you have never seen before...

Heck, I'm not even a Fantasci but you've got to admit that I can predict that for many of you who love the genre...This is going to be a must-read...for those who are old enough for adult content... I was hooked from the very first and only got stuck on the time details for the doppelganger reigns...but that's so small an issue, I shouldn't even mention it...unless you can figure it out and write to let me know how to interpret their activities in relation to earth time...LOL! Do check this one out!


Shawn spent most of his pre-teen years living in small farming communities in southern Michigan, finally settling down in Jonesville for his middle and high school years. Upon graduating he attended Hope College, then relocated to California to continue his chemistry studies, and obtained his doctorate in 1997. He has spent more than a 18 years conducting rocket propulsion research at the historic Rocket Research Site, located at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
He has two boys, whom he joyfully raises with his wife Yvonne, amongst the beautiful desert hills of Palmdale, California.
Useless Trivia: Although embodying the nerd stereotype of possessing no athletic ability, he loves hiking, camping, running, and martial arts.


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